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20 June 2009 @ 02:26 pm
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First week of college? AMAZING.


First off, let me just say how amazingly beautiful the Ateneo campus is. This past week I’ve walked my way around the campus, and even though my feet are about to die, I just keep going. Everything is so pretty and I just feel like I’m not in Metro Manila anymore. The brick buildings are Ivy League-ish, and the trees and grass… Its just so green. And every time I walk to class from the dorm, the majestic Gesu sits on the hill, so beautiful its structure that I just can’t comprehend how I deserved to attend this school.

My Math problem was solved last Monday, thanks to my ever-persevering charm on school officials. As freshmen are technically not allowed to revise their loads, the registrar said yes. AND OMG I WAS TRANSFERRED TO THIS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL MATH CLASS UNDER DR. QUEENA LEE-CHUA. I am just in love with the class and the teacher. Its fast, its simple to understand, and its difficult all at the same time. Very Bro, something which I’ve been missing for a long time. THE ONLY THING IS THAT I HAVE TO PASS THE MATH DIAGNOSTIC ON THE 29TH SO I CAN STAY IN THE CLASS AND NOT BE DEMOTED TO BASIC MATH. I’ve been studying my ass off these past few days (at least two hours a day, I swear) so I can keep up and be ahead of the class. I WILL KEEP THIS CLASS NO MATTER WHAT. I SWEAR TO GOD.

English class is a bit strange. My teacher is a guy, and it seems like he’s one of the newer ones. What we have been doing has been simple enough – essays – so I’m expecting that he’ll be pulling out twists from his sleeves. We’ll have to wait and see, but writing is a strong suit of mine. I’m not that worried. Yet.

Literature class is a bit of a surprise. Last Monday we met for the first time, and I decided to volunteer for class beadle because it seemed to me that our teacher, a woman, was strict and had only one facial expression. Today it turned out that that wasn’t the case. Hm. But nonetheless, I will love this class, I know. We’ll be tackling some Hemingway, Poe, and my all-time favorite, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Environmental Science class. Boring. Next please.

Filipino. Oh well. We had two days of diagnostic tests, and I just pray I’ll keep the class. Our teacher seems fun – he’s gay – and my schedule is perfect as it is. I don’t want to LoadRev again. But unlike the Math diagnostic test, this one is by percentile, not pass/fail. So I hope that I’m way better at Filipino than the Bisaya freshmen population.

Running for PE. So far I’ve been able to handle it, thanks to my personal trainer in Davao (hi Lloyd!). My teacher volunteered me for beadle because when he said to bring one 5×8 index card, I brought one pack. LOL. I’m going to have a hard time juggling to classes.

Environment Science lab. We’re going to take care of a plant. I’m doomed.

All in all, this has been one hell of a week, in a good way of course. Living in Eliazo Hall – the on-campus dorm – makes everything so much easier for me. And despite the fact that sometimes we have no internet, no aircon, lines in the showers, its just great. The proximity is so convenient for me. I’m loving it.

But what I’ve realized? Everything I have now in the Ateneo, I have because of hard work. My amazing Math class, the dorm, being here in the Ateneo – hard work, people. Sweat, blood and tears. I haven’t worked this hard since… Well… Never. I’ve studied more this past week than my whole fourth year of high school, and its only the first week. And in two weeks I start film school, and all is chaos.

This is my life. This is the Ateneo. Win or lose, its the school we choose.

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Alright, this blog post has totally nothing to do with Spain. I have wanted to do this particular blog post for ages, and its only now that I’ve been able to sit down, think about it and write.


Well, so what is this blog post about? One word, chicos: FANDOMS.


Oh, yes. Fasten your seat belts; you’re in for a long, long ride, my dears.


Let's start with the one show we all love: GOSSIP GIRL. Who has seen the last episode? OMG, people, emo-slash-drunk-slash-adorable!Chuck !!! I swear to God, only he and Blair are the interesting characters on that show. Which brings me to: PLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEKILLOFFJENNYHUMPHREYSHEISBORINGASSHIT. And while you’re at it, kick out that Aaron Rose character as well – he is irrelevant and boring. But, OHMYEFFING GOD! Lily/Rufus!!! I am so totally on that ship. YESPLEASEMAKEITHAPPENWRITERS! I am so loving this season’s Gossip Girl. Too bad this week’s episode was the last for the year – we all have to wait until January for the next one! MOAR BLAIR/CHUCK PLEASE.

Next one: HEROES. Holy shit do I have a lot to say about Heroes. Even though last season was complete and utter crap, they’re almost back to season one greatness this time around. This week’s episode, in particular, was touching and downright awesome. Hiro is all kinds of win and Claire was almost not annoying. But a big NOOOOOO to Elle dying and never coming back on the show (huhuhuhuhuhu!). And Sylar, you are pure love and evil at the same time – SO SEXY (cake!)! Peter is as annoying as Claire, good thing his powers were taken by Papa Petrelli. Speaking of Papa Petrelli, good thing he is dead because I have and always will be on Mama Petrelli’s side. MAMA PETRELLI, YOU ARE ALL KINDS OF FIERCE, AMEN. But now I’m torn because Nathan is taking over PrimaTech and I love Nathan to death. And I am a huge Nathan/Tracy shipper. So, I may just turn over to the dark side, but with this show, which side is the dark side? All sides have their hotness, but forgive my French – MOHINDER YOU ARE ROYALLY FUCKED. Going back to Hiro, however… OHMYGOD NOOOOOOOO. WHY WHY WHY??? I AM CRYING FOR YOU HIRO. YOU WILL BE SAVED. But please, don’t get me started on the Matt/Daphne love thing because its downright creepy. Stalker!Matt !!! Next week’s episode will be the last for the year and I will totally be on withdrawal.


Let’s move on to: HOUSE, MD. I only have two things to say. First, HOUSE/CUDDY!!! I am totally on this ship. And secondly, NOOOOOOOOO to Thirteen/Foreman. So not attractive.



T.R. Knight (George) is leaving Grey’s!!! =( =( =( They should just cancel this damn show. Its been complete and utter shite for the past three seasons. They took away the best character they had – Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery – and made her her own show which, in my opinion, has been better than Grey’s for this year’s run. NO MORE GREY’S PLEASE. CANCEL IT AND PUT MARK AND LITTLE GREY IN PRIVATE PRACTICE. And can I just say how totally crap the Izzie/Denny storyline is? It is NOT cool to have sex with a dead guy, writers. Not cool. NO MOAR PLEASE.


On a totally un-fandom note (I got out of this fandom long before it could sell my soul to the devil), WHAT THE FREAK IS UP WITH THE TWILIGHT MOVIE??? I mean, hello!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DAZZLE SCENE? It looked like they just rubbed glitter lotion on RPattz’s chest. The books (except for maybe the first one) are utter shit and so is the movie. Well, I had low expectations for it and it ended up to be even LOWER than what I had anticipated. So I am totally over this fandom (except for Carlisle – OH CARLISLE. THE THINGS I WANT YOU DO TO ME. YOU ARE THE SHIT. AND I AM ESME FOREVER AND EVER. HEAR ME ROAR). My last words to Stephenie Meyer’s obvious Mary-Sue novels? KTHNXBYE.


Now, to the very last and certainly not the least: ANDERSON COOPER. Yes, bbs, I am back to worshipping this god of a gay man. ANDERSON IS TEH SEX. But that’s the problem – he’s gay. So totally gay. But so totally hot. And smart. And passionate. And so, totally, hot. And I’ve been rather obsessed with reading… Get this… Anderson Cooper/Blake Lively fanfiction. I know it’s the most random pairing ever but ever since I saw Blake’s Live with Regis and Kelly interview where Anderson filled in for Regis, I was hooked. In that interview I saw that Anderson could not possibly be totally 100% gay, and that Blake is the only one who can turn him back to the side where he dumps his boyfriend Julio (who is totally cute by the way – nice catch Andy – and is a wine dealer, which is totally an added bonus) and starts sleeping with women again. So, GO BLAKE. And I actually even like her (not Serena, the character she plays on Gossip Girl, she is bleh). This ship is so totally out of this world, but AHLAVET. INTERVIEW DOWN BELOW PEEPZ.


Well. That was a long ass post. I know there are some words and terms here that you’re probably confused about (moar, shite, Mary-Sue, teh sex, bbs, ship), but that’s because they’re Internet slang and not typos, let me clarify that. =)


And here’s the Blake Lively interview that I’ve written about. Have fun watching!






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05 December 2008 @ 04:18 pm
nano-mimzkie@livejournal.com ----> that's where I've been.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain ----> that's where I am right now.

BUSY ----> that's what I am!
16 January 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Mr/Ms applicant with the following:
Applicant no.: 081069
Last Name: Mendoza
First Name: Jemima Marie
Middle Name: Pacheco

with program preference of
Master of Arts in Politics

his/her final status is

this makes me happy. =)
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13 January 2008 @ 10:54 am
2008-34750 | MENDOZA, JEMIMA MARIE PACHECO | DILIMAN | BA European Languages

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08 January 2008 @ 07:00 pm
i can't.

this can't happen.

i can't, goddamit.

i can't feel this way.

its wrong. so wrong.

and yet it feels so fucking right.
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07 January 2008 @ 09:24 pm
review on test scores:

math = A
physics = B-
english = B+
social studies = B

well, so far so good. and yey, math! ilu bro weyms. =)

picobello blow-out on saturday! yum yum. the record of 22 pizzas must be broken. ;p

and something good is happening on friday. =)
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05 January 2008 @ 05:03 pm

Mendoza, Jemima Marie Pacheco | A | AB EU

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05 January 2008 @ 01:04 pm
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04 January 2008 @ 10:09 pm
a little less than two hours left.

i am going insane.
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